The Arrival of Cozy Cow

Cozy Cow has arrived, and hir Amazon picture is exactly what to expect. And more, because Amazon doesn’t have comparable cows for scale….

As you can see, Cozy Cow is quite sizeable and very cuddly. Hir ((By the by, here is a table for how to use the ze/hir gender-neutral pronoun. I am probably getting this horribly wrong, but I hope to get better with practice.)) fur is yet again different from Overcow’s and Ike’s, a sort of very soft, fluffy chenile. Also, you can see hir eyes; the nostrils could be mistaken for eyes on the Amazon and pics, but ze has little beady cow eyes above hir great big schnoze (the better to snuggle with).

I suppose one could say that ze is large and in charge, but “in charge” is reserved for Overcow, who has seniority desite being relatively petite.

I don’t think there’s documentation at the official site about how the pet-to-pillow-to-pet transformation works, so here is a tiny little bit.

Underneath a Pillow Pet there’s a band that keeps their sides together in their Pet Form. To effect transformation, one undoes the band (there’s a velcro tab). There is a tab over the sticky velcro bit so that Pillow Pets, in their Pillow Form, do not catch on things.

(By the way, here is Cozy Cow’s Pillow Pet emblem, which features a cow in the middle of it:

I don’t know if the cow is simply part of the official Pillow Pet emblem, or if each emblem is tailored for each specific pet. But it’s one of the neatest little emblems I’ve ever seen on a stuffed toy.)

As you can see, Cozy Cow’s Pillow Form is quite formidable. And extremely pillowy. Ze will make a wonderful travel liaison, as well as possibly adding an extra pillow to the bed.

For comforting cuddling purposes, I think Cozy Cow has great potential. A little too unwieldy for me to hang onto while I sleep, but very nice to snooze against.

Thanks to Fade Manley for the recommendation!

By the way, looks like Large Round Cow is going to arrive from Squishable on time next week, barring major disasters and whatnot. Yay!

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  1. :)

    I think identifying as gender-neutral is neat, but I’m not able to carry it off myself. I will always be a gal who likes tuxes, which is not a bad thing, but I can’t help but wonder who I would be if my parents had been a little less, um… insane.

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