Day 24 with the Overherd; and She-Hulk

Apparently they make me feel secure enough to fall asleep in the middle of getting ready to turn off the lights. It seems to work best when there are two cows on either side (a large one, and a smaller one closer to me), apparently so I can unconsciously cuddle whichever one is closer during sleep.

I still wake up a little earlier than I have in the past (getting 6-7 hours of sleep rather than 8-10 hours sporadically), which is either good or bad. I don’t know if I’ve repaid all my sleept debt yet.

In the meantime, it’s Saturday. Unfortunately I’m still oncall and can’t really leave the house. Maybe I’ll just re-read comics for the rest of the day.

Currently I’m reading a comic I never though I’d read—I’m not too into superheroes—which is one of the more recent She-Hulk reboots.

She-Hulk: Single Green Female (volume 1) She-Hulk: Superhuman Law (volume 2)

In this one, she’s a lawyer for a branch of a law firm that deals in superhuman crimes and lawsuits! It’s very amusing, but I think it went off the rails after Single Green Female—which fortunately can be read as a stand-alone book. The second book, Superhuman Law, has some great moments, but afterwards I lost interest.

I suppose I’m the type of person who likes a dash of crazy in her cup of fiction. Even by the standards of the superhero genre.

3 thoughts on “Day 24 with the Overherd; and She-Hulk

  1. You’re closing in on what? three weeks of nightmare-free sleeping? This is just marvelous, it really is. W00t, Overherd! It’s so hard to think when one is sleep-deprived.

  2. Huh. That’s true. Although there have been some mornings where I didn’t have nightmares but when I woke up I felt as if I’d had some (even if I remembered only good or neutral dreams).

    However, in those cases I now have something to hug tight, and it helps so, so much.

  3. Cuddling is a low-level need. So much so that I’ve made sure to have teddies around for years.

    I’m glad you’re sleeping better more often.

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