Day 25 with the Overherd

Neutral dreams I can’t quite remember, but they involved something like a high school and were not traumatic. Although after I woke up I still cuddled Overcow for a little while because, you know, high school, while not being blown-out horrors like home life, wasn’t all that great for me.

I’ve been thinking about and browsing over the TVTropes entry for Toy Story, and it occurs to me that, while I very much enjoyed the first two movies and really want to see the third (and suspect I will quite like it), I never really understood the movies. My toys as a child tended to be deprived of meaning due to either being associated with trauma or were enormous bribes to not blame my parents for abuse (Paradise Estate ((A My Little Pony thing. *shudder*)) was “earned” by being strangled by my father that one time), or just taken away from me (like all my stuffed animals, I think when my father found out that the reason I circled them around my bed was as a primitive, 8-year old logic attempt at trying to ward him off ((ETA: Actually, come to think of it, he might not have had such an issue were I not also using this method to ward off “evil spirits.”))).

The Overherd is, on the other hand, quite different, and now I think I understand the Toy Story series better. What a weird thing.

On second thought, I definitely understand more. I wrote a little adoring page about the Overherd and even worked out the PHP code needed to automatically display a quick listing of links to each OVERHERD post. Er. It might need to be paginated one day.