Day 32 with the Overherd

I had dreams about July 4th, but they were representational, not flashback-style dreams I’ve had during these holidays before.

LRC was on the window side of the bed, Cozy Cow on the door side of the bed (because of nausea and need for puke bucket), Ike was at the top of the wedge overlooking things, and the Overcow was in my arms, mostly (somehow I left her on the other side of the bed from the side I woke up on.

And yeah, today is the day. I spent a little time this morning “surfing” on Cozy Cow in hir pillow form, by which I mean just sort of lying on my front with Cozy Cow supporting me underneath. It would be kind of awesome if that showed up in a real dream, but by now I’m sure my cows are too busy trying to eat incoming nightmares than play with me. And I do appreciate that.

It’s so strange to be able to hug whenever you need to. Ike keeps me sane in the office that way. Overcow keeps me sane wherever I roam in the house. LRC gives epic hugs when I’m stationary and need it, and Cozy Cow gives surfing hugs, which are wonderful for reading Kindles.

Sigh. July the 4th.