Day 34 with the Overherd

First off: the Overherd is awesome. I feel safe when I fall asleep with them around. Or perhaps I just feel like I have company. On a regular basis, they take away nightmares. And that is to be cherished.

In the mornings, they always provide something to hug, which is very nice, but mornings are still… well, it helps not to have woken up from nightmares, but I’ve been waking up into failed PTSD level 1 checks.

Holidays take a lot out of me. I keep forgetting that they continue to do so days after they’ve passed. I don’t know why… but then again, it’s not like my father stopped being crazy on holiday endings, so that’s probably why.

It’s a shaky morning, but I’m still off to work with Ike. Also the ferry ride is beautiful.