Day 43 with the Overherd

I woke up, and had lost track of Overcow in the night. I really need to snuggle the rest of the herd closer or something. I keep forgetting they don’t suffocate if I roll over on top of them, and that the Overherd Barrier is more mental than physical.

As for dreams, I know I had some. Unlike yesterday’s haunting memories, I forgot them after maybe half an hour on waking. The Overherd really are like Baku, except that I don’t seem to have to invoke them (most of the time) to devour a nightmare.

Yesterday’s nightmare is… well, perhaps there really are alternate universes, and on my birthday, the membranes of space-time become thin enough that alternate versions of me (the ones still alive, maybe even the ones dead in other worlds) begin to share life experiences in the form of dreams. Indeed, yesterday’s nightmare was, in fact, so life-like and mostly coherent that even Fridge Logic couldn’t discount it as completely unreal.

In a way, it’s rather horrifying to consider the prospect that my life, at best, would have gone down that path if I had chosen not to break up with my parents. But in another way, and the primary way I’m taking it right now, I feel thrilled that I am not on that path, that my life is indeed better than it used to be. And I made it better myself; it was my choice, although it was circumstance that let me live through the Years of Zorn and Tharn.

Right now I’m okay, for the most part, I’m just very tired and mostly want to go back to sleep instead of visiting the bank to do money things, which I hate doing. (Seriously, bank, could you even be less convenient?) I have five hours of sleep debt accumulated from just this week, and it’s not even Friday. My coworkers seem able to surf just fine on sleep debts of 15 hours and more ((Or at least they claim to. I’m mentally incapacitated in multiple ways right now, though, not just sleep debt, so the variables are a little too contaminated to consider.)), but then again, I’m gettin’ old…

I think after the bank, it’ll be time to hang out with the heavies in the Overherd, Cozy Cow and Large Round Cow, while I try to do some work. (Gremlins ate my upgrades on Tuesday, and I don’t put it past them to do so again today. :P)