Day 46 with the Overherd

Hm. How to sum this up.

I fell asleep with the Overcow snuggled against my body. She wasn’t in my arms, I just put her next to me under the covers, knowing that I wouldn’t hurt her if I rolled on her a bit. I fell asleep before I got Cozy Cow under the covers too (that sounds a bit… orgy-like, doesn’t it?). Large Round Cow, though, never fails in her guard duty.

Ike, on the other hand, was apparently mourning my laptop, but more about that in the next post.

As for the part that’s hard to sum up, that would be my dreams. They were set during the Years of Zorn and Tharn…

… except I was a Klingon.

And everybody else wasn’t.

Of course, my parents did try to find me, just like the first part of the Years of Zorn and Tharn. And a friend betrayed me deeply, just like in the Years of Zorn and Tharn (multiple times, different people). But they did not succeed in penning me in at all. And I wasn’t afraid; they were just weak little humans.

Don’t worry, I didn’t slake my bloodlust by pounding anybody. I just got the fuck out of there. As I always do. Although if I had a bat’leth… nah. Not worth it.

Eventually, and completely unlike the Years of Zorn and Tharn, I found somebody, more or less by accident, who actually did room and board me for free.

We fell in love.

And yes, she, too, was a Klingon. Strong and hot. Had a beard, but I didn’t care.

Shopping was very fun with her. ((I sometimes distress people by being simultaneously a geeky geek while also being a girly girl. Go figure. There’s nothing wrong with shopping for clothes, then oooo-aaahing over Orland Bloom and Jennifer Lopez on the movie poster in the mall theater, especially if we can drop by the Apple Store and maybe a Fry’s on the way home.))

We were going to meet her brother (and if I wondered if I found him hot, if there would be a world of trouble…).

And then I woke up. BOO.

But damn, it was a satisfying dream.

3 thoughts on “Day 46 with the Overherd

  1. Sounds wonderful. Especially for a dream set during that time. I wish you lots more like it.

  2. I like this dream. You have power in it, and are wholly not of the ones who threaten you. And there’s a hot chick who’s into you, plus shopping fun. Good job!

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