Last Thoughts for the Day, With Actual Overherd

The Overherd are so natural to me now that they can slip my mind. I can be resting right on top of Cozy Cow with Large Round Cow smiling nearby and Ike and the Overcow flanking me. But I forget about them.

I’m pretty sure having something to hug has helped me retain my sanity, or at least, moreso than in the past. My head is overspilling with the past, especially with my near-death MacBook Pro requiring me to bring out my rather older laptop….

*hugs most of the Overherd all at once*

Lulu has been helping out quite a bit; I’m not as scared of the shower as I used to be. Sometimes she’s just there and that’s enough. What an odd thing.

Anyways, someone suggested I pick up some Yotsuba&! because apparently it’s the manga equivalent of sunshine. I think I might need some of that.

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