Day 50 with the Overherd

I’m tempted to just stay in, surrounded by cows on all sides. This is good, because it’s much better to be tempted than to not be able to leave at all.

No nightmares, just boring (and by boring, I mean really boring) work dreams. Nobody fell out of the bed in the night, except briefly when I woke up at 5am, but I fetched Ike back to bed. Hopefully he wasn’t on a mission of importance or whatnot, as I’m taking him to work shortly.

I actually switched from the Overcow to Cozy Cow at 5am, and this time I could keep hir in my arms. I did have to lie on my side most of the night. Overcow would have been spooning me, but she is too small to do that, so she just stayed snuggled to my back and it was wonderful. I have never felt so safe nor snug in bed….

Well, except for that time in the post-parental-apocalyptic dorms, when the electricity and heat both died in the dead of winter back in the land of “Winter Is Serious Fucking Business, We’re Not Kidding At All About That.” The windows froze over on the inside, and I piled everything I had onto the bed, including all my clothing and coats and dry towels, and crawled in.

Fortunately the roads were so iced over at that point that nobody could drive, not even veterans of many winters past, so I knew I was safe. And also starving, which wasn’t so good, because there was so much snow that nobody could walk easily for any length longer than a block, and even if you did, nothing was open anyways.

2 thoughts on “Day 50 with the Overherd

  1. I think those last two paragraphs count as a story about your past; you’ve successfully told one: yay for you!

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