Day 52 with the Overherd

Work dreams are starting to take on the labyrinth qualities of my college dreams. It’s nice that it’s this close to The Day, and I’ve not yet had college dreams, or Years of Zorn and Tharn dreams, or my parents finding me and killing me dreams, or what can only be flashback dreams.

Mind you, we’re not yet at the final room of the dungeon, and most GM’s I know tend to save the nastiest for last… even the nice one. Just the way of the Universe.

Yesterday at work I tried to put Ike down for a few hours. I started slipping into my usual crazy spiral until I picked him up again. I took him to meetings after that. No one says anything, but yeah, I don’t flame into Josh-Lyman-on-PTSD outbursts as The Day draws nearer, so my boss probably considers this an improvement.

This morning I woke up early at like 3am, dunno why. I decided to try to go back to sleep without the Overherd snuggled up to me and without the Overcow. I did this for two hours while really exhausted and sleepy. Didn’t work. Once I snuggled them back into their usual places again, I fell asleep before my Kindle could finish reading the character summaries in the Agony Booth’s Star Trek: Insurrection recap.


OKAY I’m okay now. The Overcow waves hi.

Yeah, so, whether this is healthy or not, I obviously need the Overherd and am quite attached to them.

2 thoughts on “Day 52 with the Overherd

  1. The Overherd quite clearly helps you stay stable and sane(r). If it helps, it helps. I can’t see how something that so obviously keeps you on an even keel could be considered unhealthy. In a few years, perhaps, if you begin to feel dependent on them, but for now, they are providing a very great service in grazing down those nightmares and warding off monsters.

    And, luckily, you’re a geek and carrying a stuffed cow is as normal as anything else a geek does, including surrounding oneself with little action figures and shrines to this character or that. I’d wager your team probably now thinks of Ike as an honorary member, a team Healer if you will, who keeps your HP up and prevents stat loss as best he can.

    In somewhat unrelated news, I saw a cow spoon rest the other day and thought of you.

  2. My team is a bit more down-to-earth than other teams, so I don’t know. Probably they’re used to me being a bit weirder than them. I’m pretty weird, even in a geek setting full of geeks. That takes talent, of a sort.

    Cows are apparently going to become a theme of mine. ^.^ Well, not literally, since I’ve stopped being attracted to WordPress themes….

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