Echo Bazaar Update: I’m a Complicated Person

Gosh, it’s been a while since one of these.

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Current Description

ArachneJericho, a sagacious and lethal individual of mysterious and indistinct gender.

This seems to be a good profile for an agent of the Cheesemonger.

I’ve found I can twiddle my basic qualities to be over 100, save for Dangerous , which gives you two adjectives instead of one. So for instance:

Watchful at 100+: inescapable, sagacious
Persuasive at 100+: irresistible, compelling
Shadowy at 100+: midnight, sinister

Thus far I can’t get two qualities to be over 100 at the same time, because items tend to offset each other extremely well.

Stats (Basic Qualities)

Dangerous: 89 (a few XP away from max)
Watchful, Persuasive, Shadowy: 90 (all maxed now)

Current Level of Heart’s Desire Ambition

There was, perhaps until recently, another card that was giving me an opportunity to pump up the Topsy King portion of the ambition. Only one level, however; it’s the Fine Day in the Flit card, which actually has stopped showing that option to me. Hm.

*twiddles thumbs*

New Stuff

  • Battered Grey Overcoat (for a while, I needed something that didn’t ding Dangerous and boosted Persuasive a little so that a certain series of gold cards would unlock for me)
  • Tasselled Sword-Cane. I always wanted one of these!
  • Patent Scrutinzer Deluxe! Ditto!
  • Fairly Tame Sorrow Spider. To unlock something in the spider pits once I got Arachnologist 2, but alas, I’m too unlucky to get any use from it.

I want to eventually get an Insatiable Glove.

New Accomplishments

  • Master Thief. This is actually at level 2, I believe, although it won’t say.
  • Veteran of the Battle of Wolfstack Docks
  • Fearsome Duelist. Sort of like Master Thief, and also at level 2, I think.
  • Bringer of Death. Level 2.

I been spending time out at Wolfstack Docks, indeedy.

Significant Contacts

Bohemian: 19 (+5)
The Great Game: 17 (-4)
Criminals: 1 (-8) But at least I’m Austere.
Urchins: 18 (+1)
Church: 48 (+19) Plenty of Soul Shepherding!
Hell: 2 (-7) I seen what they done to souls, they ain’t getting mine.
The Docks: 16 (+6)
The Orient: 25 (-2)
Revolutionaries: 18 (+5)
Constables: 69 (+30)
Society: 75 (+22)
Rubbery Men: 4 (-1)
Masters of the Bazaar: 1 (that took a WHILE)
The Duchess: 15 (no change)

Specific Ability

Arachnologist: 2. For all the good that it does.


Have you heard about the thunder?

Is Someone There? 17

I haven’t seen anything new, and I haven’t even gotten what’s possibly the final, ending card for quite some time now. Instead, I just keep getting the first card over and over again. Looks like this story is finished. Or is it?

Death by Water 12 (up 1)

Nothing new. It’s probably over. However, it does manifest itself in the real world by letting you rescue some wandering man in pajamas, which is why Connected: Society has gone up so much for me.

Burial of the Dead 8 (up 1)

Nothing. Disappointing to say the least. I wonder if I’ve missed something?

The Fire Sermon 16 (up 2)

I’ve seen 17 unique cards (one new from last time); all I have to say is that someone on the story team must read George R. R. Martin. But I’ve not seen anything new, so this may well be over.

A Game of Chess 22 (up 6)

This has indeed become the most interesting nightmare (before the Thunder rolled in). I’ve seen 20 unique cards, and I think it’s over now, but at least I keep seeing the final card, which I really like, and which also has a rare success.

What the Thunder Said 8

This may turn out to be a complex dream, more in the nature of Chess rather than the earlier dreams. I’ve seen 8 unique cards thus far, three of which aren’t autofire. One of them, I believe, has something for people with the Light Fingers ambition, if I’m reading the option correctly.

Also, this dream is the first I’ve seen to incorporate previous dream lore, or at least as much as it does.

I’ll keep dreaming!

Minor Qualities

Daring 9
Magnanimous 25
Ruthless 7
Forceful 1
Subtle 16
Hedonist 11
Steadfast 11
Melancholy 6

I’m working on nuking Ruthless. Heartless is already gone. And it looks like I’m a melancholy hedonist at long last. And I’ve found more than a few ways of raising Steadfast, though at the moment I forget what they are. I know them when I see them, however.

There’s a new quality as well:

Austere 3

This you get from some of the new “Decide this way or the other!” contact-related cards. I love these.

New Story Stuff

An Annoyance to Jack-of-Smiles 4
A Neddy Man 5
Duelling with the Black Ribbon 6
An agent of the Cheesemonger 15 (up 14)
An Intimate of Devils 1

The last two are from new cards and story lines. I’m curious to see what An Intimate of Devils turns out to be (perhaps I’ll lose my soul?), and I’ve been doing various… things… for the Cheesemonger. She seems quite sympathetic, if utterly ruthless.

What I particularly like about this story is (as you can see) the gold-bordered cards just keep on coming, and generate gold-colored storylets that appear in certain locations on the map. I’m quite happy to have maxed out all of my major qualities, so I’m able to, for instance, seduce others myself, or investigate into her secrets myself. Never trust a job to others what you can do yourself… although you do have that option, so this is more flexible than past, shorter stories.

Though I did the rats one before the story team overhauled it, so perhaps that’s turned out to be quite interesting as well.

Thoughts on Dueling

Feducci is a mean bastard. Also, I like to gamble a little (*points up at Heart’s Desire! ambition*), which is not a good plan when dealing with him at all.

But whenever he kills me, I like to pick up Courier for the Dead, and then cheat with Chi Lan when I Get Better.

I’m pretty sure this is all not the most efficient way to get money, but I like the money to drop in large amounts all at once. I now have a Patent Scrutinizer Deluxe! after all.


  1. Many stat boosting items across the board. But probably I’ll concentrate on nice suits and secretive implements. Still want an Overgoat eventually.
  2. Get rooms at the Bazaar.
  3. Advance nightmares further. At this point it’s just the Thunder, although I’ll participate in Chess, too.
  4. Continue shepherding souls. The guy’s come back at his usual frequency again! Also, another opportunity card unlocked for this story.
  5. Advance Dangerous to the max. Not going to be long off at all. I did eventually get involved with SPIIIIIIDERS, but it was much less rewarding than I’d hoped.
  6. Advance the agenda of the Cheesemonger. I may be doing evil things. Okay, I am doing evil things. But on the other hand, I shepherd souls and am mostly not dealing with the devils. I’m a complicated person. This is a lovely game.

5 thoughts on “Echo Bazaar Update: I’m a Complicated Person

  1. I tried out the Fairly Tame Sorrow Spider with Arachnologist 2. Not much of a result – got lucky with it and wound up 140 Rostygold richer (whee?), 20 rats poorer and gained a bit of Dangerous. Not sure yet if there is an extremely fortunate, as with the First City coin gambling.

    Intimate of Devils is definitely fun. I’m one opp card away from Intimate of Devils 3 and can’t wait to see what new cards come up.

  2. Out of curiosity, are those losses in Black Ribbon duels to the safe option or the “might be the least of your worries” option?

    I’m just starting to poke at that stuff myself, and I’m very wary of the second option. It seems like it might do something more serious than just send you to a slow boat passing a dark beach on a silent river. Just wondering if you know what’s actually at stake there.

  3. hwango,

    Ah, no, you just get sent to the slow boat. It just looks ominous, but you don’t get “killed for real” in the game. Feducci only has a “hard” setting and no easy option, and has killed me any number of times and I’m fine. :)

  4. Well, I had certainly hoped that we wouldn’t really be _permanently_ killed, but I couldn’t think what else they could do besides send us the boat, and they do make it sound more serious than that. Thanks for reassuring me. = )

    Heck, if I don’t go get myself killed at least once then I’ll have missed out on part of the story, right? I’m already going to have to get myself thrown into prison again (again), since the first time I went back I made notes about dirigible flight patterns, but had them confiscated on the way out. I guess I was supposed to do something with them while I was in prison. Oops.

  5. Well, i discovered what Memories of Light can be used for. But you have to be very, very cautious and _think_ on what you are doing.
    Shall i give you a hint? :)

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