Not doing well, might be quiet blog day

I can’t put words together well or think very well.

It’s possible I may convince someone to buy me bread. Or I may do it myself when I feel more sane and need to know I can do things.

I forced myself to sleep after nightmares. That wasn’t enough.

Grapes and toast and almond milk.

Going to go lie back down. I don’t want to but the Overherd is there and I can’t walk all tha well.

2 thoughts on “Not doing well, might be quiet blog day

  1. I found cows – real ones – grazing in the hills behind the house, bells clonking as they stepped around the dirt path and a Spaniard shouting HYUP! around the outlying edges to keep the herd together. There was an egret on the back of one of them, watching me. The herd looked peaceful and tranquil and I considered the thought that they might be eating nightmares (lord knows there’s not much grass here on the Costa del Sol) and I thought about making a special plea for them to try harder.

    Then I thought perhaps I should just walk back home and stop being weird. Still, it seemed worth mentioning that a stranger on the other side of the world is wishing she could distract you from the hurt.

  2. Thank you. Your good wishes (and the good wishes of other folk too) do help me. The cows story makes me smile. :)

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