PTSD B-Day #7

Tentatively, I’d say that I’m feeling better right now. That kind of statement has a way of hitting me in the mouth later in the night, or at least, screaming in my dreams or inside my head or something.

I get a bit breathless if I don’t keep my mind on something else. I’m not sure if passivity (reading a book or a comic) is better than activity (programming and trying to make decisions that will not upend our part of the back end). I don’t feel like I can make very good decisions right now.

And yeah, the startle reflex is pretty bad right now. Imagine if I had that when I was driving. This morning the reflection of sunlight off a car moving in someone else’s garage freaked me out.

Hopefully tomorrow is normal, better, and tonight is not Revenge of the PTSD Episode.

6 thoughts on “PTSD B-Day #7

  1. Hey, in case you’re checking your comments. Staying up with you all night here. I love your blog. I haven’t read all of it, got linked from someone at access-fandom. It is giving me some major clues. Thanks.

  2. Hello jae,

    I’m glad you like my blog. ^.^ It hasn’t always been about my PTSD, but that’s currently its function.

  3. I like the Tor columns too, and the Holmesiana (just had a bout of Holmes/Watson preoccupation when I found I had a collection with the Paget illos, and hadn’t actually seen the online stuff). I’ve been known to read the Tor site, and Making Light.

  4. jae,


    I hope to write more stuff for and more Holmes stuff (and get back to tea real soon).

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