PTSD B-day: conclusion, not epilogue

Well, the main part seems to be over. Some days might be more trembly than others, but this godsdamned week is almost over anyways, so I’ll get some rest.

Not today, though. Grocery run resulted in bread (now toasted), bananas, applesauce, renewed purpose, and the discovery that losing 6 pounds has done wonders for fitting into skirts.

Ike and I are eventually getting on an incredibly late ferry with breakfast and lunch packed. (Epic fog has been slowing down ferry operations.) And my small GPS unit has missed me.

4 thoughts on “PTSD B-day: conclusion, not epilogue

  1. Congrats you survived. Picking yourself up and moving on.

    While PTSD is not recommended as a weight loss program :-) ,good for finding something positive about the week.

  2. Thanks. And the weight loss isn’t due to the PTSD: I made sure, when I could, to get the proper amount of calories rather than going lower than the plan amount.

    This weight loss is right on schedule, and not too much. So, staying on the plan, the weight shouldn’t come back.

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