Day 61 with the Overherd

This morning was a little… weird.

I knew I was staring at the clock at 3am, but didn’t have any memories between that and the time I (presumably) fell asleep, nor between that and the time I woke up. The Overherd must’ve mostly cleaned up my dreams; I can only remember feeling overwhelmed in a train station in Victorian England. Or Echo Bazaar, if they still have trains, it’s hard to tell.

Again, no particular deployment of the Overherd on the bed, unless you count “randomly assigned on the window side”. I really did need to hug Overcow for a while after I woke up, which makes me wonder about the true nature of the dream I recall… but oh well.

Ike and I are on the ferry and the fog is turning the experience into ukiyoe, which I know I spelled the phonetics of wrong there. But basically, drifting world.