Day 65 with the Overherd

So, all day I’ve been trying to come up with a reason for the following:

  1. Start with everyone on the window side of the bed. In other words, between me and the window.
  2. Wake up to find
    1. Cozy Cow and Ike on the door side of the bed
    2. Large Round Cow in front of the door which is three feet away from the bed, not counting the actual width of a queen-sized bed
    3. Overcow still in my arms, she seems to stay put in my arms more often these days
  3. Boggle at scene of possible nightmare carnage
  4. Try to remember if I’ve had any nightmares last night, fail
  5. Put the Overherd back on the bed and treat them very respectfully
  6. Wish that Toy Story didn’t trigger me so I could watch the first two films again

I love you, Overherd.