Thank You for Being a Friend

Hey, thank you for your comments, tweets, chats, and DMs yesterday.

I’m pretty sane today and had my first natural waking in some time. I’m still tired but at least I can make it into work.

I’m also fairly unhappy at the fact that the PTSD can swipe me whenever it likes, it just doesn’t do it as often inbetween holidays. Which is maddening.

I think the PTSD does take advantage of oncall weeks though. I wouldn’t be surprised—the constant need to be alert and ready-to-go certainly encourages my natural hypervigilance (well, as natural as such things can get when it’s been brought on by chronic PTSD).

But maybe this happens also outside of oncall weeks. It’s another vector to track on my blog.

Still, it feels like I’ve been relatively PTSD-free.

I dread October.