Day 75 with the Overherd

Sleeping inbetween Large Round Cow and Cozy Cow (pet form) with the Overcow in my arms and Ike watching over us all and Lulu in scouting position on her drying rack leads to some amount of sleep. I’m almost free of oncall and can really catch some winks and suchlike.

By the way, WhiteNoise for the iPhone is the end-all and be-all of white noise generators. The new version can do a mix of sounds these days. I quite like my mix of cat purring, grandfather clock, and crackling fire. I was also able to twiddle the balance, volume, and pitch of the three sound streams as well, so the cat is not that loud and perhaps in one’s lap, the clock is a bit farther away in a nearby room, and the fire is centermost and loudest, but not too loud.

I’ll be trying to get my head down with that mix. Ambien… I’m tempted to take two today, but that would probably be a bad idea.