Normally I’d leave this as a tweet, but…

What is said here is totally true, but I’ve run into people over the years who don’t understand.

Do not offer us platitudes. They are not answers, and all they do is make you feel better and us feel even worse than before.

I’ve had my life compared to Job’s, both in terms of the horror, which is fine, and in terms of “a loving god did this to you so that you could serve as an example and inspiration to others,” which is not. Because the former still regards me as a person with my own story, but the latter stereotypes my experiences into only a parable for others, often framed by someone who doesn’t understand the context of the story.

In a way, I feel sorry for Job even after his adventures. Can you imagine?

“Hey, dude, I know you went through all that pain and stuff, but it made a GREAT story and example for others!”

“… you know, I’ve still got trauma and nightmares from all that. I told you the story because telling others sometimes makes me feel better.”

“But your faith, man! Your faith! So inspiring!”

“… look, strange person, just leave me alone now. I need some time out and you’re not helping.”

“But you’ll help so many others. Truly this is a story for the ages. Think of what people will learn from your suffering!”


*stunned look* “Well, if you’re going to be so selfish!”

Oh Lord, what fools these mortals be.