Day 77 with the Overherd

Ike does protect my glasses rather well.

Nobody fell off the bed, my dreams were tame and unmemorable, and sleeping snuggled in cows—literally snuggled, rather than just having them merely close—makes me feel secure. I still need the Ambien, but I’m otherwise at peace.

Also, for the first time in a long time, WhiteNoise was enough to occupy my ears. I love the sound mix feature, although I may never use anything but the cat-by-fireplace-and-grandfather-clock mix. I may experiment with the water sprinkler and light rain with birds (oh yes, our automated lawn watering sprinklers waste water…), or maybe dishwasher with dryer.

I still sleep with the light on. In July the bedside table lamp was on all the time; these days I’m okay with a tiny portable LED reading lamp. ((The Mighty Bright. I need to find the power adapter….))

It’s weird to think of, but I have a bit of a social network now where there was none before.

*hugs the readers*

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