Bento Day 6

Lunch is lazy. I was busy yesterday, and this morning I needed to do both breakfast for eating and lunch for eating later.

So I whipped up pasta in a rice cooker. This uses the same recipe as I had done with wheat and ground meat, except I used rice pasta and TVP. And it could cook away while I was showering and eating breakfast (creamy buckwheat cereal with oat bran in the smaller rice cooker).

We’ll see how it goes today. It could fit in half the green box (so it could have gone in a half box and leave the other side for grapes). But tired today.

The other stuff is half-ounce (weight) of veggie stix and one of those bento chick seasoning dispensers. It dispenses nutritional yeast instead of Parmesan. It could go wrong, so I left it in the chick to sprinkle on small portions and see if I like the taste.

By the way, a 18 oz klean kanteen non-lined stainless steel bottle is similar to 20 oz PETE plastic water bottles of comparable girth. And as leak-proof with the traditional stopper It makes me happy.

You can also how thin this eBags lunch box is. Yeah, I know, lime green, it’s more cheerful than dark blue or black.