Noodle stir fry: buckwheat noodles, celery, carrot, green onions ((Forgot the mushrooms. Darn it. Next time.)), fried in peanut oil and with a SAN-J wheat-free teriyaki sauce all over. From yesterday, it seems good at hot, room temperature, and cold, so this is a nice bento addition. However, this portion size is 400 calories; next time I’ll have a decent dry vegetable side and halve it.

William’s Pride apple slices, which held up really well for having been made last night. Dunked in water with a bit of lemon, yes, but this is exceptionally well (such apples tend also to be good eating apples). Equivalent to a small apple, I couldn’t fit in the rest of the slices.

Strawberries (half a cup or thereabouts) with the last of the tofu whipped topping squeezed between the spaces.

It was nice to have this all prepared (by accident) ahead of time, and save a lot of running around the next day. Next week, once my mouth ulcer goes away, I hope to dig into the Valencia oranges.

But yeah. This grocery order is taking a while for me to get through….