Ouch! That really hurt.

It was pointed out to me very recently that, for certain things, I really do have a good memory. Like I really did have, in my head, almost every single Magic the Gathering card for all the sets before and including the Tempest block.

So perhaps if I don’t remember something, this may be a function of subconsciously choosing not to remember. Like, more so than I thought.

Anyways. Getting to the point.

A long time ago, my father did something to my left foot. I don’t remember what. But there’s probably a reason why I tend to favor, at least a little, my right leg; and why my socks fit a bit oddly—my left leg is thinner and less muscular than my right leg.

Right now, after cooking for four hours, my left foot hurts like a MF. I’m off my feet now, and blogging propped up in bed. All week, maybe the last month, my left foot has been very painful. This morning, strangley, it was quite fine and I could walk on it without pain—but that all changed about 30 minutes ago.

I’ve thought, actually thought, about going to my doctor and asking if I need a cane. But I’m not that old. And it doesn’t happen in warm weather.

Oh well. All these little mementos of my father. I wish they weren’t there.

6 thoughts on “Ouch! That really hurt.

  1. Rather than go to your doctor and ask if you need a cane, why not go and describe your symptoms? Say that you vaguely recall a childhood accident with it, but can’t remember any of the details; the doctor doesn’t need to know about the reasons you don’t remember. What s/he could use to do is look at the leg and, perhaps, suggest some physiotherapy or something that might help it.

    (And wouldn’t the act of getting good medical care be a nice way to spit in your father’s eye across all the years?)

  2. That sounds very familiar – I have hearing damage as a result of my mother, and various other body problems. But as Abi said above – sometimes it can be a nice “ner ner ner ner ner” to make sure you’re being taken care of and treated well.

    By the way – I hope this doesn’t come across as strange, but I keep seeing these in the shops: http://www.fromourheart.com/Store/images/Shining_Stars/Cow.jpg and they make me think of you and your herd and smile. So from a stranger, thank you for brightening up my day long-distance.

  3. Jay,


    I don’t think it’s strange to smile at random stuffed cows, the Overherd and I think it’s awesome. ^.^ And we’re glad it brightened your day.

  4. *hugs* Your stuffed cows are definitely the coolest, but there are some interesting non-Overherd cows out there. I don’t pay much attention to cuddly toys, but suddenly I was seeing this particular brand everywhere, and every display seemed to have a cow in it!

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