What Would Have Been Today’s Bento…

… if I hadn’t been too sick to go into the office. ((I did work from home. I love that I can do that, but I get insane if I’m away from people for too long.))

large dry container:
Red flame grapes in a square Wilton silicone baking cup. [55 calories]
– One thick slice ((Halved and stacked on top of each other.)) of Walrus Bread, a GF bread recipe from Bob’s Red Mill. And I must say, while I screwed up some things about baking—as per usual for someone baking from scratch and not machine for the first time—it was not completely failbread. Perhaps more on that next time. [173 calories]

Large wet container:
– Tuna salad, involving green onions, celery, Pelican Packers tuna ((I mention the brand only because it was very good; very little water, almost all solid albacore tuna that flaked well and didn’t smell awful like most store brands.)), and beannaise from The Uncheese Cookbook. It’s amazing to have a delicious mayo-style salad that doesn’t make me sick! [207 calories]

Small dry container:
– Baby cut carrots. I couldn’t eat many of them plain like that—I needed a ranch dressing. Fortunately, I can make up some ranch with the beannaise for the next time (possibly tomorrow, unless I am still sick, which I pretty much am). [what I could eat: 14 calories]

Small wet container:
– Sliced strawberries with the tofu whipped topping #1 from The Uncheese Cookbook acting as cream. Oh my, it’s actually good. (In fact, this has been my dessert for the past week or so, and is a great way to munch through strawberries). [27 calories plus 40 calories]

’twas a good lunch.

2 thoughts on “What Would Have Been Today’s Bento…

  1. Heya…
    I found you through twitter, and sort of ended up here after being intrigued by some of your recent tweets. Anyway – I just wanted to say that this was interesting. I struggle with mental health myself, and finding the courage to do what you do is pretty special. I hope things get easier for you, and that the good moments, when they happen, stand out for you.
    Btw. The cows are cute. :P

  2. Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for stopping by. :) Best wishes on your own journeys. They are always difficult….

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