Ahaha, and this is why I should pay attention to calories when I pack my bento. Or pack in a different bento box if my mind is somewhere else.

The white triangular rice ball represents 1/2 cup of rice, squeezed down around a ball of shredded Ginger Five-Spice chicken thigh. The smaller rice balls are made from another 1/2 cup of rice, mixed with more of the chicken. That’s ~240 calories of rice, and about 130 calories for the chicken (which was cooked in plum sauce mixed with dry rice wine and tamari). Yeaaah.

Two tablespoons of almond butter (195 calories!) goes well with 3 ounces of baby carrot (30 calories).

Most of a large apple (50 calories), and all of a kiwi (50 calories).

So yes… this about a 700 calorie bento. Whoops.

Pie chart!

I feel sad. And need to pack better.