Bento for a F*cked-Up Day

Yeah, so, today, saw my bartender.

Anyways. Breakfast had to come with me on the early ferry:

Panda puffs – which are like peanut butter puffs – 130 calories
Strawberries, sliced – 42 calories
Almond milk – only drank part of it – 46 calories
Forgot about the orange slices

Ate: 218 calories, but still managed over 5 grams of fiber.

Lunch had to be pretty quick and be edible at cold temperatures, in the car again.

Orange slices, from this one and from breakfast – 69 calories (half a fruit in each bento)
Grapes – 78 calories
Salad of apples (Pinova and Honeycrisp), dried cranberries, and raw cashews – 163 calories
There was also a lemur bar off to the side – 120 calories

Ate: 430 calories