Mania and Me

Mania: Hey. Hey you. Hey. Listen! Hey. Hey.

Me: Oh my GODS just shut up we need to sleep.

Mania: We have to make bento! Complicated bento! Frying pan donburi bento!

Me: Tomorrow’s Laptop Lunch bento is going to be a salad diced d’Anjou pear, dried cranberries, roasted cashews, and star thistle honey. Everything else will be filled out with grapes or possibly a diced Bartlet pear.

Mania: But… breakfast! Breakfast breakfast breakfast!

Me: Panda puffs. Almond milk. Orange slices. Hm, another laptop lunch bento.

Mania: We can do better! Omuice! Hot rice in the morning to make wonderful things with! Mabo tofu or stir fry or donburi toppings —

Me: The last time you did that, you killed the T-Fal KitchenAid pan.

Mania: *puppy eyes*

Me: Sigh.

Mania: Oh! oh! you have to blog blog blog!

Me: I know at some point I need to write about my latest session with my bartender. But not now. Now is cows.

Mania: You never let me have fun.

Me: Sometimes I do, and usually I have to pick up the pieces later when you fall apart.

Mania: *sobs in a corner*


4 thoughts on “Mania and Me

  1. OK, Mania, come here. *sits down* Look, I’ve got this bag of raisins *and* a book of puzzles, so how about you stay over here for a while so Arachne can get things done? Just for a little while?

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