Whenever something makes me incredibly angry on the internets…

… I try to remember this.

It’s particularly difficult with topics that matter in real life, such as people continuing to perpetuate the idea that PTSD doesn’t really exist, or that the people who react in this way are weak and can never do anything with their lives, or people who don’t realize that PTSD itself has many different flavors and a rather wide range (including that PTSD victims can sometimes have severe stoicism and quiet brooding, even denial; I’m a somewhat rare and talkative case, and only became so after years of crap), and people who continue to deny what perhaps can be called the “PTSD experience” for lack of a better term, and all the Nanowrimo fiction that will be committed in this ignorance in the name of “but I don’t care and it’s a good dramatic tool but gets in the way of the main characters anyways”….

But really, what can I really do about it apart from what I’ve already written?

Oh well. I’m staying off any Nanowrimo or writing boards forever and always.

P.S./ETA: You know how a lot of people thought of me back in the day before I started talking about this stuff, and before it started to overwhelm social interaction for me, and before I actually told people about what my parents did to me?

They thought I was the happiest person in the world.

Still had PTSD. Sorry.