#$%@ Tonsilith

I really hate these things.

Thus far, they have really only cropped up during the following times:

  • Eating dairy, intentionally or by accident. Since I went to a dairy-free diet, they’ve reduced in size.
  • Eating wheat or gluten, intentionally or by accident. Since I went to a wheat-free/gluten-free diet, they’ve reduced in frequency.
  • When I get sick.
  • Apparently when I eat anything involving oats. This makes me depressed, as I found a fruited oatmeal recipe I really like. I wonder if I can adopt it to something else, like Bob’s Red Mill’s Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal, which doesn’t give me problems.
  • When I eat anything involving popcorn. Of course, I used to eat only popcorn flavored with cheese, so perhaps the uncheesed kind will let me be happy. On the other hand, I can flavor gluten-free/wheat-free tortilla chips with cheesy-like nutritional yeast and a few spices, so screw the popcorn.
  • Red onions. Not white onions. Not yellow onions. Red onions. I have no idea what the heck is up with that.

Almost all of these basically sound like either infections or allergic reactions of some type or other. I notice that my tonsils are a bit smaller and more out of the way when I stick closely to my diet (and read all ingredients to everything to find out whether something has any dairy/wheat/gluten at all, which I sometimes forget) and I’m healthy (which my current diet is surprisingly helping me out with, and which I plan to stick with after I hit my target weight, because it’s nice to get sick less often).

My holy grail is to reproduce, somehow, a “swiss” mushroom hamburger with gluten-free/wheat-free bun.

Anyways, thank goodness for monoject syringes with slightly curved ends.

4 thoughts on “#$%@ Tonsilith

  1. I have heard from other people on gluten-free diets that U.S oats are often processed in mills that also process wheat, and this results in wheat dust getting on the oats. They say the only oats that work for them are labeled as ‘processed in a gluten-free facility’ or imported from a country that doesn’t combine equipment in that way. Maybe you can find a supply of oats guaranteed wheat-free?

    • Using Bob’s Red Mill’s wheat free oats. They have a separate facility just for these oats (which are different from their normal oats), and they apply a fairly strict standard of GF testing to their GF products.

      I think I may simply be sensitive to oats. >.<

  2. I hate hate hate tonsoliths. When I first started getting them about three years ago, I was really freaked out by them at first. (Also, I’d just come off of two actual cases of strep throat and I thought my strep was recurring for a third time. I was about to tell a doctor to take the damn tonsils out altogether.)

    I was thinking about laying in a supply of the long doctor’s q-tip swabby things because they make it easier to dislodge these buggers and disinfect back there.

    I hadn’t noticed if they came freighted with any of my food issues–dairy intolerance being my primary–but I shall try and keep track and see.

    • It can be hard to tell. I only noticed when I started to eat a lot more American food than I usually did because of my recent relocation. Cheeseburgers, hamburgers, pizza… they all resulted in instant and frequent tonsiliths. And also tummy sickness, but I hadn’t experienced a life without a sick tummy up until I went DF/GF/WF….

      I don’t know if it’s always an intolerance/allergy/immune-system thing for people, but it seems to have been for me.

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