Today Mostly Rocked

Well. I mean yesterday, really. It was a combination of luck and not giving up. And really, really lucky to not have run into a trigger, despite wandering into the general insanity of a grocery store during Thanksgiving week. That would have been game over, no matter how defiant I may be.

One thing that may, or may not, be helping is that I marked out the bad days on the fridge wipe-a-calendar. So supposedly I’m more prepared, or at least, I remember better to avoid triggers and also lay down a schedule to quell the bipolar. Maybe.

The Monday/Tuesday divide makes me nervous, and hopefully the mania will calm down soon. If I start blathering on Twitter in a few hours about things I see in the darkness, you’ll know why.

I’m saving up watching “The Great Game” for Tuesday evening, job and circumstances like trees and powerlines willing.

One thought on “Today Mostly Rocked

  1. *Cheers you on* I’m glad the universe didn’t throw any triggers your way. It sounds like you handled things really well. Good luck with Tuesday.

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