My First Tea Blend: Rooibos London Fog

A quick (honest) tea post. Tonight’s been good and calm (quite unusual for me), and I decided to celebrate with a little tea. And it was already an hour after I’d taken my Buspar, so an Earl Grey (and its bergamot) seemed safe.

Of course, something without caffeine would be ideal. For me, the deep taste of rooibos fills in relatively well for most decaf black tea. Being dairy-free, while I used to love dairy milk in a strong cup of Earl Grey, a London Fog type mix usually satisfies me—a vanilla or cream flavor in addition to the usual bergamot of an Earl Grey. (Nut milks in tea have never pleased me, unfortunately.)

The quickest way to make one’s own blend is to mix those from various tea makers. In this case, I chose two teas from Queen Mary Tea:

1 teaspoon Earl Grey Rooibos
1 teaspoon Vanilla Cream Rooibos
12oz of boiling water
Steep for 7 to 10 minutes

I like a strong rooibos, so I used a steep time of 10+ minutes.

Tonight, this impromptu London Fog works well enough for me.

Nearly goodnight, from the cows and me.