Bento for 2010-12-13

Every weekday I post a bento is usually one in which I’ve managed to go to work. This is starting to become a bit of a miracle working every day as December goes.

Main Dish

– BBQ chicken breast, 183 cals
– 1/2 cup white rice beneath, donburi-like, 121 cals
– honey cinnamon glazed carrots, 38 cals

Side Dishes

I actually should have just left the divider in the middle and filled in with the fruit on both sides, as it otherwise shifted during transit anyways. Sigh….

– 1/2 Cortland apple. Cortlands are awesome, they stay white long after cutting without needing the lemon and/or other acidic treatment that most other apples do. Too bad they’re pretty rare out here in the Pacific Northwest.
– Colby Cheez, 1 tablespoon, 16 cals. Oh, fake cheez, I love thee….
– Pomegranates, 1 ounce or thereabouts, 19 calories


407 calories

Surprisingly, adding vegetables, even a small amount, to a bento automatically makes it more filling. Without the carrots, this would have been too small of a bento for me—but with the carrots, it becomes much more.

However, I dislike this box. It’s a bit too small and squished, but I guess I’ll show that later when I finally catalog all my bento equipment.