This is the Plan (2.0)!

I woke up without dreams and so I’m feeling a bit feisty. It’s sunny like hell and I’ll probably have crashed horribly in a couple hours. But now! I can do anything! ((I suspect it’ll have to be my neglected chores though. Sigh.)) Says my mania. 

So, the new Plan! It’s like the old plan. But with an addendum!

5. Don’t avoid, but don’t overdo, and the medication is here to help with that.

I’m going to have to do things like cook (durn food allergies) in a kitchen that triggers me. I should do the minimum I need to do to make sure I, like, actually eat something healthy. But I shouldn’t avoid doing so. 

However, when I’m about to do so, I should make sure I have a recent Xanax floating in my system to make it bearable. Ish. Maybe two. But if it had to be three, time out with a bowl of cold cereal. 

fin The Plan

Wish me luck because I already am losing the manic cycle to the constant dread despite a Xanax. Or take cheer in my coming downfall for being presumptuous. Whichever. 

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