Tonsilith Update

Well. This is slightly depressing, very inconvenient, but adventuresome at the same time.

After cutting out from my diet, completely and without exception, the following, I’ve been scarily tonsilith free:

  • milk
  • wheat
  • oats

These are huge things to give up, and mean I can’t eat at any restaurants ever again, and I’ve had to cook my own food, but… it’s still better than flushing out or digging out calcified/mucusified things from my tonsils. I think my tonsils are even smaller than before, rather than being huge tonsilith factories.

4 thoughts on “Tonsilith Update

  1. There’s a vegan restaurant in St. Augustine, FL I know of that fits the bill. I suspect a few others scattered around the globe. Are you sensitive to cross contamination by those ingredients, or is it a “too much exposure” issue? (Some Asian restaurants have many dishes on their menus that fit your requirements, but most of them tend to serve some form of wheat, but not crypto wheat.)

    • It seems pretty sensitive. Cross-contamination gets me pretty badly, and I can’t eat in Asian restaurants as it’s become popular to serve dishes using soy sauce that contains wheat. Many sauces there also use wheat-brewed soy sauce as a base, so it’s a minefield.

      Basically, I can eat salads without dressing of any kind and as long as the plates it’s been prepared from aren’t wheat- or dairy- contaminated. Anything else is dangerous.

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