For the time being, screw WordPress for iOS

The newest releases of the WordPress iPhone app have been buggy as hell, and as I tend to compose longer posts, it annoys me when it crashes on autosave, reformats line breaks incorrectly, nukes drafted posts, and don’t get me started on its media capabilities. Many of these are supposedly fixed now, with more fixes on the way, but it’s rather depressing. I’d pay for something that was more stable.

And then I thought: well, why not find a plugin that adapts the WordPress admin pages for a mobile web browser? So I went out and got one. Painless to install after waiting for a day to get a developer key from the Wapple folks.

It has a few issues, such as not showing default values prefilled in the custom fields section, though it’s relatively harmless because the default values do take after you add the post, allowing notification/cross-posting plugins to still work. It has a major issue involving custom fields with default values. LESS USEFUL.

Media uploading doesn’t work at all, but it’s not like the current WordPress iPhone app is all that wonderful for this function yes.

At any rate, since my posts are mainly text, and I probably need to store pictures on Flickr (love their app, except they make it difficult to generate image link code), I’m alright with this particular mobile admin plugin. Go Wapple, I suppose.