Spiral Knights: The Caring, Sharing Dungeon

For players who don’t yet know, and who continue to fight for minerals, loot, and crowns: the developers behind Spiral Knights implemented a few features that are meant to remove the need for loot in-fighting. Mainly:

  • All minerals are automatically shared. In other words, if every player in a party of four picks up five minerals, each player will get twenty (4 x 5) minerals.

  • All crowns are automatically shared in the same way.

  • All tokens are automatically shared in the same way.

  • All heat is automatically shared in the same way.

  • Every heart is available for each person, but they have to pick it up themselves. My friends and I will point out to each other where hearts are.

  • Loot is distributed randomly; the person picking up the loot will not necessarily be the one who gets it. You used to be able to pick a round-robin distribution instead, but apparently some people were gaming that to get lucrative loot to themselves, so it’s been removed.

And so now everyone in a party can focus on one thing: kill all the cute things!

By the by, Swiftstrike Buckler is pretty damn sweet. It gets Kamarin to move at a normal speed rather than its usual, slower 2-strike mode. The acceleration was even noticeable to me and my friends—unlike the attack speed trinkets from the preview. And it looks cooler, with its spinning vortex effect.

Well, perhaps this will introduce a lot of bad habits—slow swords need to be handled carefully—but for the time being, being able to hit 80 to 90 damage at normal speeds is quite nice. It’s still only a 2-hit combo rather than a 3-hit like normal speed swords, but you can’t have everything.

3 thoughts on “Spiral Knights: The Caring, Sharing Dungeon

  1. As though you were not awesome in enough ways, YOU ALSO PLAY SPIRAL KNIGHTS?! Eurydice highlighted some of your articles in a sticky-post in the New Recruits forum today (this post first of all), and I’m all, “a… jericho. REALLY?! How cool would that be?!”

    I totally fell hard for this game during the Beta, too. My Vichtorya now sports the terribly cute yet horrible Salamander Mask. You can see her purple eyes glowing out between its dead jaws. She wears Radiant Silvermail for armor, but I’ll be making her a dusker coat soon because I keep winding up solo in the court of the Jelly monarch, and I need all the damage/speed boost I can get.

    So much squee to find one of my favorite bloggers is playing one of my favorite games!

    Have you investigated the other Three Rings games? (In your copious spare time?) Puzzle Pirates is also made of incredible amounts of cute.

    • It’s very strange that you only found out about my fondness for Spiral Knights today and yet I’m one of your favorite bloggers, because up until a week ago I blogged about my adventures just about every day, about 40+ days in a row. You must only have known me from my Tor.com days. :)

      Despite no longer writing for Tor.com and having more free time on my hands, I’ve not investigated other Three Rings games and would prefer to keep my free time as my own for now!

  2. I fund a glich that they won’t patch, if you have more than 2 computers then if you run out of energy you can swich computers. i discovered this in my local library where every one is playing it. because they won’t patch it i will take advantage of it

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