Diggity Tea: Queen Mary’s Coconut

Maker: Queen Mary
Type: Flavored black tea
Brew: 1 tsp to 6 oz boiling water, 3 min
Notes: Loose leaf only

As coconut-flavored teas go, Queen Mary’s Coconut isn’t a bad tea; it’s just middle-of-the-road, although this still puts it above the likes of a large number of more commercial teas.

Coconut isn’t the most delicate flavor in the world of cooking and baking, but it seems to be so here; despite being a black tea, QM Coconut needs a 3-minute brew time. Any more and the bitterness of a semi-good black tea base takes over.

However, of my coconut teas, this is a welcome tea in the mornings. The others are a green tea, an oolong, a rooibos, and a traditionalish tisane. Hmmm. Rather a nice theme, that.

Rating: 3/5 — enjoyable when a necessity