On Recent Radio Silence

I’m reminded to introduce new people to this post that they should read before commenting on my PTSD, much less my bipolar disorder, much less my “non-neurotypical” mind.

I have also added that post as a link under the “About” menu as “Before You Comment.”

At some point I’ll feel like I can write about my issues again, but it’s going to take a while. In the meantime, there is tea and gaming.

2 thoughts on “On Recent Radio Silence

  1. Best wishes. Take as long as you want. You can write about tea from now until the end of time, if you want; it is your blog and you get to pick the topics.

    By the way, the “In the beginning was Psmith” category in the sidebar reminded me — your Psmith entries persuaded me to read those books. Your mention that the earliest one was available online was how I started. And I did enjoy them, and they comforted me in my own dark times (or anyway shadowy). So your light blogging still makes a difference in other people’s worlds.

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