Spiral Knights: Swords and Gun Puppies

So basically, Spiral Knights is now on Steam. And I very much noticed the effect it’s had on my unique visitors count:

Since many of the Steam players will be new to the game, I decided to continue with Spiral Knights for Beginners, with a brand new video about dealing with gun puppies as a swords knight.

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7 thoughts on “Spiral Knights: Swords and Gun Puppies

  1. “fair play will only get you killed.”

    lol, that realization is what led me to start actually practicing using my shield.

  2. uhhh, well i love your site and previous tutorials, but this one is kinda sad, good information but TERRIBLE Execution…. in T1 and your getting rocked, id be embarrassed to even show that one…

    BUT, the only reason i saw it is cause i found your site awsome for spiral knight newbie info so i searched again after not seein new info for awhile (after knight in wolver clothing)

    so good work, but i know you can do better execution than that! heh

    • Eh. Some would call me a baddie, as I have some very poor reflexes (a doctor once said he’d never seen anyone do worse on that test where they hit your knee) but basic principles are still basic principles.

      And if I can do it, so can anyone else. To me, teaching that lesson is worth any amount of embarrassment at exposing my weakness.

  3. Awesome video, I always have troubles with those gun puppies that shoot triple projectiles! :( Have any tips on them? ;)
    Gotta check rest of the videos as well :))

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