PTSD: Tentative to Say, But…

Last year and this year is the difference between this

and this

In fact, I spent most of today watching the Eleventh Doctor on Netflix, as a way to hold off the darkness via distraction, which may or may not be a good thing. When the bad memories came, the Abilify (switched to a morning dose) helped me hold them off in the past; I repeated to myself, it’s in the past, it can’t hurt me, which is very difficult.

I’m not sure what tomorrow holds, but it probably holds laundry. FMLA again, to be safe, in case July 4th plays a nasty nightmare trick on me, as things seem to do in Doctor Who (hm, maybe I should have watched just happy joy joy stuff, but Matt Smith as the Doctor is quite a cheerful sort, who still jabbers at miles per minute, but is still, at this time, mostly untroubled. Until you give him a Dalek. Definitely until you give him a Dalek, at which point he is the Ninth Doctor).

Man, I love the soundtrack.

2 thoughts on “PTSD: Tentative to Say, But…

    • I admit to being surprised by recent developments, although I have fallen into despair again (then being buoyed by my mania). Doctor Who and his regenerations seem just so appropriate.

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