Little Games for Arthur Bliss Day

Pocket Battles

The Battlelizer produced this today:

6 units [15 troop tiles]
49 points

  1. Elves-11 Mounted Archers
  2. Elves-08 Wood Pack
    Elves-26 Spearmen
    Elves-10 Pathfinders
  3. Elves-25 Archers
    Elves-22 Archers
    Elves-23 Archers
    Elves-21 Archers
  4. Elves-13 Mounted Guard
    Elves-27 Spearmen
    Elves-16 Elven Does
  5. Elves-28 Spearmen
    Elves-15 Elven Does
    Elves-29 Spearmen
  6. Elves-18 Elite Archers

8 units [15 troop tiles]
50 points

  1. Orcs-29 Kobolds
    Orcs-06 Troll
  2. Orcs-26 Goblins
    Orcs-19 Orcs
    Orcs-09 Bugbears
    Orcs-18 Orcs
  3. Orcs-30 Kobolds
    Orcs-05 Fanatic
  4. Orcs-07 Boulder Thrower
  5. Orcs-28 Goblins
    Orcs-23 Half Orcs
    Orcs-17 Orcs
  6. Orcs-04 Chariot
  7. Orcs-27 Goblins
  8. Orcs-15 Gnolls

The elves won through points quickest, with the extremely strong units with Elven Does. The orcs could have won, perhaps, if their juggernaut, the self-healing and nigh-unkillable Troll, had been given free rein to cause havoc and allow their Chariot to roll over all; as it was, while a single Troll may eventually kill an opposing army by itself, it won’t kill fast enough.

Wrath of Ashardalon

In the meantime, I’m attempting a new storage solution with Wrath of Ashardalon:

I wonder if I can manage to cram in a lot of Ravenloft as well into the one box. Or perhaps not. I did write up an Encounter and Monster deck generator that will combine elements from both games, in case you want some variety. For instance, I could pick a Mountain location with a Reptile (e.g. Kobold) theme, and example output would be thus:

Prowling Ghost (CR)
Icy Corridor (CR)
Gray Ooze (CR)
Earthquake! (WoA)
Lurker’s Strike (WoA)
Waking Dream (WoA)

Bad Luck (WoA)
Wrath of the Enemy (WoA)

Haunted Mists (CR)
Crippling Miasma (CR)
High Alert (WoA)
Kobold Trappers (WoA)

Prowling Spirits (CR)
Mists of Terror (CR)
Bubbling Cauldron (CR)
Secret Door (CR)
Summoning Circle (CR)
Illusory Trick (CR)
Kobold Warren (WoA)
Duergar Outpost (WoA)
Wandering Monster (WoA)
Hidden Treasure (WoA)
Unbearable Heat (WoA)
Frenzied Leap (WoA)

Volcanic Vapors (WoA)

Kobold Skirmisher (CR)
Gargoyle (CR)
Wraith (CR)
Rat Swarm (CR)
Skeleton (CR)
Snake (WoA)
Kobold Dragonshield (WoA)
Human Cultist (WoA)
Orc Smasher (WoA)
Gibbering Mouther (WoA)

Fire Trap (CR)
Dart Trap (CR)
Poisoned Dart Trap (WoA)
Rolling Boulder (WoA)

I’d love to see more in the adventure game series so that heavier-themed decks could be created. But for the time being, Fire Traps are so natural in a dragon’s mountain.