PB&J Update #3: The rain is relentless

Yesterday, saw my bartender. More or less messed up the rest of the day, and now I wake up at a loss. Should I just spend my time relaxing, curled up with a comfort rereading of Guards! Guards!, possibly sipping tea? My brain feels like it won’t be able to deal with all that much.

How much got accomplished on the list:

  • Cleaning something out. Nope.

  • Cooking/baking/etc. something for myself. Nope.

  • Reading/watching something entertaining. Other than Guards! Guards!, I’m fairly traumatized so something as serious as Ragamuffin puts me at a loss. There is so much I do not want to deal with right now, especially since I feel I’m going to end up spending spoons fending off what my mind is going to bring once I let my guard down.

  • Reading/watching/doing something educational. Reduxed Chapters 11 and 12 (not yet up) of The Sign of Four.

I got GoodReads widgets up to replace the Shelfari ones, and I’m slowly filling out my library there. And setting up a monster to-read stack as well. GoodReads book cover widgets still don’t work for me, years later; something is definitely wrong with the Javascript. Shelfari widgets worked, and this is just … argh. Stupid.

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