PB&J Update #9

So I was talking yesterday with a friend of mine about the trouble with war stories for me, and we happened upon figuring out what’s in the drawer: a figment of my father. It’s as if I carry my father in my head, with all his violent neuroses, and so the feeling of threat and needing to please the unpleaseable and placate the unplacatable persists.

It’s not real, but it still drives me. If I can just remember… but even when I remember, the fear and anxiety are still there regardless. So basically, in spite of feeling dread and terror, I have to continue to work rationally. They won’t go away just because I don’t want them there.

Yeah, totally counter to what society says (“You ought to be able to think away your emotions!”), but society is, many times, rather dumb.

Updates on stuff:

2 thoughts on “PB&J Update #9

  1. thanks for the warning on iOS 5. It wasn’t clear from the link whether it affects iPod Touches, but fuck me if I’m gonna do anything with it until I hear it’s all shiny again.

    • Yeah, it’s a bit of a mess. I’m sure some of it comes from upgrade requests overloading the servers and thus partial updates get pushed through, bricking any iDevice. But for iOS 5, I’m making sure everything is (a) synced, since contacts and events are apparently consistently getting wiped, and (b) backed up in case things go really wrong.

      Of course, in the case of a brick, I’m not sure one can do very much about that. :(

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