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Today would have been better if it wasn’t tainted by mania and pages.

Fortunately I unwrapped a non-stick wok today, a 14″ Helen Chen Excalibur. I think I overdid it on the size; a 12″ would have been enough for most of my purposes. I can’t wait to use it…

Work: … except that I’m exhausted. I was oncall and, well, disaster appears to like me. This should make next week, which is full-on daytime oncall, fun. I also wasn’t on my toes because the mania doesn’t make me on my toes… just blows up my confidence.

Dancing with Psychologists: So I saw my bartender today. He approves of the attempt at a regular schedule for some things, and we talked about the mania and the depression. I used to really look forwards to my manic periods, but ever since I started to self-monitor I’ve come to dread them. Why? Well, mania tends to remove a lot of sanity check brakes.

I have to watch myself when I’m manic, as much as I have to when I’m depressed, but it’s so much harder with the mania. When the world is bent into “EVERYTHING IS JUST MAHVELOUS” it’s difficult to remember to watch yourself. Or to keep watching yourself. After all, everything is going swimmingly, isn’t it?

There’s not really a solution other than “keep it up” soooo….

Today it rained quite a bit, so I actually drove to my appointment… through horrible Seattle traffic. I only managed to survive through rousing choruses of “My car’s old and I don’t care….”

Cooking: Well, due to an early morning page and ensuing events, breakfast was cereal (decent), lunch was Durritas (less so) ((If I figure out how to make it with hot Hungarian paprika instead of chili powder, I’ll let you know.)), and dinner was noodles and fruit (sigh). Tomorrow will be much cooking in the NEW WOK amongst other things:

  1. Breakfast: mushroom scrambled eggs with country fried potatoes (frying pan)
  2. Lunch: broccoli and beef in oyster sauce from Quick & Easy Thai (wok)
  3. Dinner: panaeng beef in red curry peanut sauce from Quick & Easy Thai (saucepan)
  4. Snacks: Cheez Whiz from The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, which is supposed to be as good as American cheez on many things, like burgers and crackers. (NINJA)