To Court the King: Simple Solitaire Rules

I know there are a couple of solitaire variants up on BGG, but I wanted to add my own for reference here.

Short Review

To Court the King basically is Yahtzee: the Gathering. With every card you win, you gain special abilities that can be used once per turn each (tap the card when you’re finished ((Note for WotC lawyers: the rules do not use your term “tap”.))). For instance, the Farmer, the General, and the Charlatan all add extra dice for you to roll. There are numerous cards that give you a die with a set value that you can either set aside or roll, and there are other cards that manipulate die values in various ways, from simple addition to actually transferring pips.

It’s great fun for two to five players as you compete for a limited supply of cards.

The Solo Variant

But what about when you’re alone? You could play a second player (using rules or just using… well, yourself), but I chose the following set of rules:

  • Use only one of each card as the supply. Exception: use all the Fools.

  • Terminology: Ignoring the Fool, each card already has a rank (I, II, III, IV, V). The current rank is the lowest rank with cards still available.

  • Each round, you take your turn normally.

    Then the game will remove a randomly determined, available card of the current rank.

  • You better be able to win the King once the game removes the final IV card.

  • Once you win the King, you also get the Queen as per the usual, but you also need to roll to beat the previous roll with which you won the King. If you rolled seven 6’s to win the king, you need to beat seven 6’s.

It’s simple, doesn’t require dual play or setting up a dummy other than one that competitively removes cards. The same strategies as the normal game apply just as strongly: make sure that you get enough mana die production going, and that you have adequate spells ways to manipulate your dice.

And then you should be set to Court the King on your lonesome.