Fake Nog with the SoyaJoy

So I got a SoyaJoy soy milk maker, and despite the name, it can do quite a few other milks as well, including blends (I’m told I should try a blend of black soy beans, rice, and sesame seeds for a chocolate milk style experience).

So while the first batch of soybeans was soaking, I decided to try out the maker on some sweet rice ((Though it’s also called glutinous rice, it doesn’t contain gluten.)) I had.

The result was a thick blend, even after straining. But I realized this was the perfect stand-in for the base of eggnog—rich and cloying, but without the raw egg bit, which always freaked me out about eggnog. All it needed was spices.

After it came piping hot from the maker, and strained, I added

  • cinnamon stick (I only had one, I would have added three if I could)
  • cinnamon, ground (due to lack of sticks)
  • allspice berries, ~3
  • Tahitian vanilla, 1 Tbsp
  • Sugar, 2/3 cup (you can cut this down in half if you like a less sweet nog)

And let it sit until it cooled a bit. Then I sampled some. And was quite deliriously happy for a while.

After it cooled down, I put it in one of these neat Lock & Lock pitchers and chilled it in the fridge. Then sampled about an hour later. Also deliriously happy.

Now I need to finish this small sample I poured out for this picture. Woe is me. Totally.

By the way, the batch of soy milk I made is leagues better than the crap they sell in the store. Even plain. There’s not even much of a “beany” taste, and oh my gods so much awesome. On so few beans too (3/4 of a cup), so it’ll even save me money in the long term.