AJ Reads Is Stopping, and Kindle Needs URLs

I think now is the time to stop torturing you all with my self-inflicted homework. O_O

I will say that damn I wish I had a Kindle in college. Or at least, an Android tablet with the Kindle app on it. I can quickly flip back through multiple books on a single device. I can highlight, dog-ear, and write notes in the margins without actually physically harming a book! (Call me old-fashioned, but I never liked doing any of those to a real book.)

I do sort of wish there was a URL protocol to address a Kindle book by location, so that I can create a list of hyperlinks in Evernote or something. For instance,


So something like kindle://1582973164/520 is a pointer to Characters, Emotion & Viewpoint‘s very useful list in Chapter 2 of the three requirements of character description.

The kindle protocol could then be set up to be handled by the device’s Kindle app. A way for Kindle apps to generate these links would be great as well.