Saving Layouts in Scrivener

Have you ever wished you could save certain layouts in Scrivener? Say, the all-corkboard view (oh, yes, baby):

What about the side-by-side outliner view with text view?

Or maybe the binder on the side, ready to turn into a search results column, with your index cards on the right?

And then switch back to the normal three column. (Or your commonly used view, like a horizontally split, cards/outline on top and text on bottom.)

This is all thanks to the little layout saver. I just found this neat icon when customizing the toolbar one day:

Pressing on the tiny button brings up this little dialog box:

You don’t actually get any of the layouts in the left box; you start out with nothing, but it’s easy enough to add extra layouts. Just create the layout the usual way in the normal window, then pull up this little window and press the plus button at the bottom. Name your view (I always select those options, because I like to set different columns and card row counts) and you’re done. Now you can pull up this window, select your chosen view, and click the “Use” button.

It’s awesome. Scrivener may make an outliner of me yet (next time: tracking arcs, characters, and timelines in Scrivener).