An Announcement About Hackery, Sherlock Holmes, and Tea

As some of you may know, S∂ was hacked. What was discovered later was that the backdoor had been installed in my Sherlock Holmes site, and was likely the code that was spreading and infecting the main site.

I’ve burned all my sites to the ground and rebuilt only the main site. Every password and key has been changed, and now there are few enough plugins that scanning for a hack will not be a difficult task.

When I started writing again, I could really only watch one site at a time. Holmes and Tea fell by the wayside, harmlessly I thought, but as was shown, oh, not harmlessly at all.

Because both Holmes and Tea are full of worms and I don’t have time to debug them both, they will no longer exist as their own sites. However, their more worthy bits of content will be fully absorbed into this site over time.

Also this means that S∂ will have content while I’m struggling with Seal Tales, so hooray!

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