Good Life: My Comfort Music

It’s hard for me to think of my life as a good one. And truthfully, for one-third of it, it wasn’t a pleasant life at all. But these days… these days there’s a lot I’m thankful for, even though right now the day job is difficult, my life in general strolls on merrily. I’m all too aware that could change, but for now… life is good.

Although I don’t agree with some of the lyrics in this song—there’s plenty to worry about in the world, like systematic racism, sexism, homophobia, jingoism, etc—but the rest of it is like a mantra to myself. I’ve come far, and this is a fine night, and this could really be a good life.

I remember a coworker of mine would listen to a radio station that was nothing but a prayer, over and over again. Or perhaps it was a tape, actually (I don’t have a tape player, or CD player, or anything in my car; it’s as simple as possible, because I believe in simple when it all comes down to the wire). Good Life is my prayer (for the most part).

Naturally I also wish it for all my protagonists in my fiction, though at times I’m puzzled as to how they’re going to get there.